Sweetheart Charity Ball 2022 Preorder

All prices include materials, handling, and a donation to S.A.T.H. to benefit Kamp Dovetail.
If the image displayed includes an event border this border will not be included in your package prints.  Prints with event borders are only available on location at the specific event.
Package Details Price Qty
8x10 Package:
4 Wallets
5x7 Package:
4 Wallets
Ale' Carte Items Price Qty
Original image file on CD (includes KAMP Dovetail video) $20.00
1-8x10 $8.00
2-5x7's $8.00
1-4x6's $8.00
2-Wallets $8.00
4-Mini-Wallets $8.00

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